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: : Emmalyn - 1 year

Emmalyn is ONE! Of course I had to make an exception to my 'break' to get her milestone pictures done. :) Thanks again McMillin family!

8x6 emmalyn

fb - emmalyn 1 year

emmalyn - year in review-Edit

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: : Veenstra 2013 {My Brother & Sis-in-law}

I think they should model for a magazine..or maybe I'm just biased. my family and all their pet kids. :) Thanks for braving the cold you two! The outside ones are my favorite!

8x8 ks


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: : Nathan - Newborn

3 weeks old. Adorable. Long fingers and I have a feeling he is going to be tall like his mom and dad! :) Big sister was pretty proud and cute as well.

9x9 nathan


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: : White Family

How adorable is this family! It was too early for botanical center and too cold for outside so we took pictures at my house. Cute. Cute. Cute.

8x6 white family

fb-white family

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: : Tucker - Newborn

Um. Chunky Adorable is all I have to say. :) Congratulations again Spanhuts!! I am just over the moon happy for you.

9x9 tucker_


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: : Galles Family

OH these girls loved to smile and made my 'job' so easy! How can you not smile when they smile like this. Dad is going to have his hands full with these two beauties!!

8x6 Galles


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